SG Audio has been providing production services in Sydney and the east coast for over 20 years.

Founded  in 1999 by Shannon Guihot,  who has some 28 years experience in the entertainment industry.

A musician and sound engineer, Shannon has worked with several hundred artists over thousands of gigs as a production manager, system engineer, front of house engineer, monitor engineer, guitar technician, event promoter and instrumentalist.

As a team, we are staffed only by qualified personel, with multiple skills and years of experience, capable of providing the highest quality in all areas of production from AV requirements for boardroom events and large corporate functions, to small venue pub & club gigs, outdoor concerts & festivals and seasonal events like Christmas carols and any celebration in between.

We have recorded many live concerts, mixed them in our studio and provided clients with a profitable product.

We pride ourselves on quality communication with clients, providing to their exact specifications and surpassing expectations.

Your return business to us is paramount.

Over the years, it's been a privelage to work with these past & present clients. If you have the time, please, take a browse...

Thirsty Merc

Help Is On Its Way(Little River tribute band)

Seattle Jam (Pearl Jam tribute)

Felicity Urquart

The Robertson Bros

No Secrets ( Angels Tribute)

Creedence & Beyond


Sunset Riot

The Currency

The Shadows Experience

Tracy Killeen

Nicki Sweeny

Talk it Up


Hawkesbury National Fiddle Festival

Martin Lass

Ian Cooper

George Washingmachine

Nigel Maclean & Martin Elepans

Toe Sucking Cowgirls

Fiddlers Feast

Jenny Thomas

Andrew Clermont

Sean Kenan & Graham Newell

Daniel Weltinger

Shen Pangeng & PEGS Chinese Orchestra

Sawney's Dream

Jess Randall


Jacinta Tobin

Col Hardy

Didgeridoo Dingo

Roz Webb


Brian Cadd

Hard as Nails


Never Trust a Bunny

Black Horizon

Steady Eddy

The Oz Eagles Show

Daniel Isaac Jones

UWS Richmond, Kingswood & Parramatta

The Oz Tom Jones Show


Horrorwood Mannequins

Pulse Effect

Seconds Till The End

Darryl Cotton

Jimmy Keays

Russel Morris


Steve Edmonds

Spy Vs Spy

Grace Knight


20 Mile Hollow

Lisa Live

Stone Parade

Lab 64

Jon English 

The Foster Brothers

Peter Cupples

The Dead Love


Weekend Detention

Black Label

Angry Anderson & The Junkyard Dogs

Doc Neeson

Elton Jack

Oz Billy Joel Show

Midnight Youth

Neon Heart

Eddie Boyd

Jaded Empire

The Cursing Stone

Red Bee


Minus House


Reece Mastin

Shannon Nole

Mark Vincent

Jack Vidgeon

Diamond Eye

I Escape

My Hollowed Fantasy

Ambush in Waco

Altyian Childs

Lonesome Train

Jason Lee

Travis Collins

78 saab






Simon Meli 

The Widowbirds

The Apprentices

Ian Francis Band

Shazz Duo/Trio

Steve Passfield

Allo Gov'ner

Adam James

Plastic Spurs

Mcalister Kemp


5 way addiction

Stella one eleven

Mulgoa Music festival

Script MC

Lucky Star

The Guests

The Undersided

Normal Day

Bluegrass Parkway

Korean National Orchestra


CAWB (Windsor bridge rallys)

Cancer council Relay for Life Hawkesbury & Bankstown

Riverstone ANZAC dawn service

LOTS of motorcycle clubs

Pitt town Pub

Hawkesbury Hotel

Fitzroy Hotel

Windsor Leagues

Bligh Park Tavern

Kye Brown Entertainment

Ford Country Four


Bob Down

The Three Irish Tenors

Hot Ice Productions

Clarendon Hotel

Blaxland Tavern

Colo High school

North Richmond Public

Evans High School 

Chisolm Catholic

Arndell College

Windsor High School

Richmond Records

Richmond Rotary Club Christmas Carols

Emu Sports Carols

Bridgewater Carols

Riverstone Carols

Magic to the Max


Penrith Street Festival

Riverstone Memorial Club

Frank, Dean & Sammy - Salute to the Ratpack

Town Hall Steps

Pink Finns

Brother Funk

Upside Down Miss Jane

Winter Gaunt

August Rein


October Rage

Guitar Annie

Andrew Thompson Band

Die Trying


Akmal Saleh

Carl Barron

Spear Tackle

Australian Assyrian National Federation

North Richmond Community youth Centre

Hawkesbury Youth Group

The Rocks Rhythm Boat

Ulterior motives

Backyard Lab

Jack & Chi

Hawkesbury Polo Club

Castle Hill Youth Centre

Revesby Youth Centre

Corpus Christi 

Crestwood High School

Blaze Events

J.I.L. Church Blacktown

Oatley Hotel

Barbed Wire

Bowen & Claire

Broken Lines

Sarah Mcoy & Studio 85

Dave Goggarty

The Bridge (Zep show)

As Chaos Falls

Lady of the Evening

Two Girls Will

The Stevie Wright Tribute Show

Seattle Sound



Company Caine


Huckleberry Swedes


Steppin Razor

RJ Chops

Carni Meat

A Few Angry Villagers


Steve Stockton

Latin Dance Australia

Australian Balalaka Orchestra

Mad Cow

Steve Flack Trio

Don Wagner Country Music Awards

Joe Maquires Pub Tamworth CMF


Kill Gill

Rock Chic

Total Karnage

Lot 8

Adam Hole & Marji Curran 

Paul Greene

Vendetta of the fallen

Backened they Rise


Tall Timber

Jonah's Road

Marcus Holden

Clare O'Meara

Windsor Jazz a' vienne 

Black Horizon

The Goodnight John Boys

Leaping Lizards

Finn Mcool

Dave Tice Band


Glen Mead Band

Lazy Haze

Children Collide

Butterfly Effect

The Hard Ons


Troy Cassar-Daley

Adam Harvey

Universal Music

Sony Music

Waiting for Guinness

Simply Bushed

8 Ball Aitken

Mark Lucas & The Deadsetters

Austin Floyd

Austin Taycious

Jeremy Edwards

Waz E James

Dougie Maclean

Down Thunder

Murphy's Pigs

Ajay Bawden

Rough Stock

Damage Inc(Metallica show)

The Stray Roots

Will & Garth

Terry Batu

Chantelle Alexi

Chuck's Wagon

Riverview Shopping Centre

Kurrajong Scarecrow festival

Ross Wilson

Dark Horse


Hawkesbury Paddlewheeler

Dave Flood 

Blake Morrison

Ryan Lambert - Party Pig Studios

Magic Dirt

The Spazzys

Luke Perry & The Heartbreakers

Anti-nowhere league


The Porkers


Phil Emmanuel


Bones Atlas

Hat Fitz

Syko Sapien

Thousand Needles in Red

Amber Lawrence

Hawkesbury district health service - Blokes Day promoting healthy gonads

The Beatles Unplugged with Strings attached

The Eagles Unplugged with Strings Attached

Eric Groth & the Gurus