Here's what we can do for you......


'We have an impressive inventory of audio equipment such as KV2 Audio's ES1.0, ES1.8, ES2.6, Epak2500r, EX10, EX12, EX 1.8, Quest QM12mp, QM450A,

Allen & Heath, Presonus, Yamaha, Camco, Peavey, DBX, Lexicon, Shure, Sennheiser, AKG, Audix, Rode, Neumann, Universal Audio, Radial, Behringer, Leem, Alesis & more.

We have miles of multi-core, drop boxes,  cables of most types, accessories, stands & cable tray, portable PA systems, wireless equipment, comms systems, 100v line systems and even some back line equipment, the ability to network and mix wirelessly, all for dry hire or for us to provide in your production requirements.


We have fitted out many corporate events, expos, conferences, meetings, seminars, awards nights and special occasions with not just premium sound, lighting and theming but with projectors, projector screens-both simple pull down and large dressed, plasmas on trusses, video switchers, monitor prompt screens, lecterns, microphones - wired and wirelss handheld, headset, lapel and table mics.

Please call if you have an important event and need a reliable, experienced audio visual technician.

We would love to provide for you. 


Your event may sound great but it's got to look smik as well.

We have PR Lighting Beam 300 heads, Chauvet Intimidator Spot 375z moving heads, Event lighting 12x12 LED cans.

We can provide you with Par cans , LED cans both 172 x 10mm & 53 x 3 watt, ray lights, wash lights, spot lights, blinders, effects lights, movers both wash and spot, LSC Mantra console, Jands LED controller, hazers, smoke machines, strobes, LED bars, push-up stands, H-stands, many meters of trussing, 12 & 18 foot winch ups, fabrics of various colour both draped and straight. 

We can also provide a skilled technician to make it all suit your theme perfectly and look spectacular. 


From catwalks to conferences at 300mm high, 600mm high for almost any shape you could want to dream up, with stairs and dressing (skirt), to stages for solo guest performers and bands in any environment, indoors or outdoors.

Large truck transported hydraulic concert stages up to 9x7m in area with roofing and complete dressing for crowds of 5-10 thousand people, we can meet your staging needs.

You can have confidence that we will listen carefully to what you require,  provide you with quality, safe staging and we will always try to provide it at better than industry prices.


We have a rack of premium Universal Audio pre-amps and compressors.

It includes the classic LA-2A, 2-610, LA610 Mk 2 (x4) and the 1176.

We use a selection of high end microphones and use the Presonus studiolive 32.4.2.Ai recording format.

Our DAW is Studio One2 Professional.

Your performance can be recorded live and post mixed in the studio or recorded live or multi-tracked in our very own studio live rooms.  UPDATE !!! WE ARE BUILDING A NEW STUDIO !!!!! SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!



Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​