​'I can only like you on Facebook because there is no love button"

"Paul Grierson - Simply Bushed

"Awesome at what they do"

Coralea Cameron - Sound One, management for the late great Jon English R.I.P


"Shannon and his team have always provided the highest quality production for our Christmas Carols. He's an essential part of out team and I have no hesitation recommending him to others"

Debbie Cooper - President Richmond Rotary

"A high quality, essential service and very nice people to go with it. Our relay wouldn't be the same without the SG Audio team"

Jenny Hamilton - Chair, Hawkesbury Relay for Life


"Mate, your seriously one of the hardest workers i've ever seen. Fantastic job and superb sound"

Phil Callaghan - Hanna Park Carols Co-ordinator


"Shan, if we could use you everytime, we would but our bass player doesn't like you"

George - Black Label


"Shannon, it's people that put their whole heart and soul into sound engineering and mixing what the audience hears that makes the festival such a success for us and others"

John Graham - Murphy's Pigs @ Tamworth Country Music Festival


"The Country Music Festival wouldn't be the same without you" 

Oscar Leonard - Joe Maguire's Pub

"I would use SG Audio if I had any use for them"

Shannon's dad.

"I've never heard of them"

"Bruce Springsteen"